Automating the design process

Automation – the use of computers to repeat tasks – is becoming increasingly important in engineering. The application of automation can provide technical and commercial benefits to an engineering design project: Costs and calculation time can be reduced, while the designs produced can be more efficient.

Geoconstruct is very busy automating the design process with Python, the so-called parametric design. For example, we have a very extensive software module developed in-house with which we can obtain results from Plaxis in a data driven manner (for several phases at the same time). This includes bending moments, shear forces and normal forces. But also anchor forces, the parameters used, the applied safety philosophy, an overview of phases, etc are available for multiple phases within seconds. For example, graphs can be displayed of phi / c reduction phases with the safety features clearly displayed. And the possibilities are more extensive. This saves us a lot of time for our customers!

We are also able to provide you the tools you need for your engineering work. We are improving our knowledge in this field constantly and are interested in developments like machine learning for tasks like automating the process of making geotechnical profiles from ground investigation.