Risk assessments

Every construction project influences the surroundings. Especially when construction is done in urban areas, the consequences this has for the surroundings must be investigated to prevent damage. Does the construction for instance a tunnel create an unacceptable damage-risk profile for an adjacent building? Are the vibrations due to driving piles or installing sheet piles acceptable? Does lowering the groundwater level have irreversible affect on the surroundings and what are or can be the consequence of this?

With the new tender forms, such as D&C and DBFM contracts EMVI plays an increasingly important role. Conducting a risk assesment and prepare a good monitoring plan can significantly improve the score on points such as limiting and controlling damage to the surroundings.

Geoconstruct has expertise and experience in answering questions in the area of risk assessment. We provide the following services within the field of settlement risk assessment:

  • vibration prediction;
  • deformation analyses;
  • damage predictions.