Dike reinforcement Gorinchem – Waardenburg

The water authority in the Netherlands periodically checks whether the river dikes meet the safety standard. This assessment is unique in the world and offers an up-to-date picture of our water safety. The latest assessment round (2011) shows that parts of the dike along the Waal between Gorinchem and Waardenburg do not meet the legal safety standard.

Commissioned by: Graaf Reinaldalliantie (Heijmans, Royal Haskoning DHV and the local water authority)
Period: January - July 2020
Photo by Ruben Albada Jelgersma

The Gorinchem – Waardenburg dike improvement project is part of the Flood Protection Program (HWBP), a collaboration between Rijkswaterstaat part of the dutch government and the water authorities. Because the Netherlands wants to prevent a disaster, we apply strict safety standards for our dikes. As a result, the HWBP will be on the bar in the coming years for the largest dike improvement operation ever. In some cases the dike can be widened during dike reinforcement, but where, for example, buildings on the inside of the dike do not provide space for this, the dike must be strengthened by placing sheet piling constructions (sometimes with an anchor) in the dike. Geoconstruct has designed part of this reinforcement on behalf of the Graaf Reinaldalliantie.