Earthquake resistent foundations Groningen

Decades of extraction has reduced pressure on the gas-bearing rocks below the surface in Groningen, causing them to contract. That has led the ground to sink by about 0,3 m, and earthquakes have rumbled. More than a thousand tremors have been recorded since the mid-1980s. Thousands of homes and buildings have been damaged, including some of the region’s rich stock of medieval churches. Residents readily say they fear harm should quakes shake loose chimneys or ceilings.

Commissioned by: BORG consortium (BAM and ABT)
Period: April 2019 - today
Photo by Adobe Stock

In order to reduce damage Groningen the province started a program that will reinforce houses in the Area. Geoconstruct has been involved in this program for more then 1,5 years now, to calculate if houses had to be reinforced and calculates new foundations ready for new earthquakes