The Schiphol – Amsterdam – Almere (SAA) program has been drawn up in order to continue to guarantee the flow and accessibility of the Amsterdam region and to improve the living environment.

Commissioned by: IXAS consortium (Heijmans, BAM and FLUOR)
Period: March 2017 – November 2017
Photo by Ruben Albada Jelgersma

The SAA program is divided into five sub-projects, namely:

  1. A10 east / A1 junction Watergraafsmeer – junction Diemen
  2. A1 / A6 junction Diemen – Almere Havendreef
  3. A9 GDW interchange Holendrecht / Diemen (Gaasperdammerweg);
  4. A6 Almere Havendreef – Almere Buiten Oost
  5. A9 A’veen Badhoevedorp – Holendrecht

The A9 Gaasperdammerweg (GDW) is an important link in the total traffic system in the Schiphol – Amsterdam – Almere corridor. This road section connects to the A2, A1 motorways and is important for the flow of the Ring A10 around the city of Amsterdam. To improve accessibility, road capacity must be increased by expanding the road profile and improving traffic flow and accessibility by splitting traffic flows.

The A9 GDW runs right through the municipality of Amsterdam. The area is characterized by an urban environment with both houses and businesses on both sides of the road. In order to reduce the barrier effect of the road and thus increase the quality of life in the area, it has been decided to build a tunnel with a tunnel roof park for the integration of the road, whereby the underlying road network will be shifted over the tunnel and through the park.

Geoconstruct was mainly involved in the relocations of various infrastructure over the Gaasperdammerunnel and in calculating the consequences of elevations next to the tunnel on the pile foundation under the tunnel.