N31, Harlingen

The N31 is the direct connection between Amsterdam and Leeuwarden, via the Afsluitdijk and Harlingen. This road was re-built (deepened) near Harlingen to improve the accessibility of Friesland. The new road is also safer and ensures a better flow of traffic in and around Harlingen. The new N31 became a two-lane motorway and is largely sunken. The sunken location has a length of approximately 4 kilometers. The Harlingen – Leeuwarden railway line crosses the sunken N31 at ground level by means of a railway viaduct and the N31 crosses the Van Harinxma canal by means of an aqueduct.

Commissioned by: BAM
Period: January 2013 – October 2013
Photo by Ruben Albada Jelgersma

Within this project, Geoconstruct has focused on the influence of the temporary embankment of the N31 on adjacent houses and with the foundation of the aqueduct on the intersection of the N31 with the Van Harinxma Canal.

The temporary N31 has been constructed in Harlingen as a temporary embankment in an environment which is sensitive to settlement and not far from existing buildings. Geoconstruct has examined the influence on these existing buildings and adjusted the design of the bypass accordingly, so that no or limited damage would occur during construction.

The foundation of the aqueduct (the sunken part) was also designed by Geoconstruct.